FIXED List,,

I'm really sorry for the face and scalp shine problem,,
I'll fix it all later,,
so I'll update new things after I've fixed all my issue hairs =]
(I'm really busy these two months,, so fixed hair will update slowly too,,
Plz be patient for the fixed version, and too much hair have to fix,,oh,,guys,,TAT)

So,, Here is the fixed hair list,,
1. Nouk Girl Nextdoor Hair (final fixed in 9/12/09,,)

Mesh by Nouk =]
FIXED again,,
This time fix the scalp shine problem too,,=]

Download (MediaFire) [3.89 MB]

I'm sorry for the problem,
I really don't know about that,,
and I'll fix all my hair that have issues then =]

Download (MediaFire) [3.29 MB]

The file name is the same as the original,,
so you can just simply replace the problem hair =]
And Sorry again,,lol


Download (MediaFire) [3.29 MB]


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