[MV] SNSD Girls' Generation - Oh !

[HD] Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! @ 2nd Album 【Girls Generation 소녀시대】

Cold Hearted Man - TRAX MV [HD] copyrights to sm entertainment.
the music video features heechul(Super Junior) and Victoria (fx) excellent acting skills.

[HD] JIGGY MV 2nd Version

F.cuz - Jiggy MV 2nd Version [Release! Much sexier than the first MV. Yum!]

[Chin sub] CF- 2010.01.14 Yoon Eun Hye . Nichkhun & Taecyeon @ 2PM- Cass Beer 60s

Trax 가슴이 차가운 남자 MV Teaser ft. Heechul and Victoria
[100121 HD]TRAX(트랙스) - 가슴이 차가운 남자 MV Teaser (티저무비)

SNSD - Oh! [MV Teaser!]
SNSD / Girls' Generation's 2nd album MV Teaser for Oh!


2AM Won't Let You Go Even If I Die MV
2AM 죽어도 못보내 Music Video Original (?) Ver.

2AM Teaser

Don't know the title yet,
but here's whats released for today.
More teasers coming up in the next days.

Change =]

Changed the address and name of my blog,,
This blog will now just focus on Korean Music (Gayo/KPOP).
And the CCs of Sims 3 that I posted before will not be deleted.
Thanks for all visitors. =]

변경된 주소와 내 블로그의 이름,
이 블로그는 이제 한국 음악에 집중할 것입니다.
그리고 심즈 3의 사용자 지정 내용이 삭제되지 않습니다.
모든 방문자를 주셔서 감사합니다. =]

I also want to say thanks to T.O.P. (the member of BIG BANG)
He is really nice =]

Just updated a song that sang by HyunA (4minute)
Change- like the title of this entry

Today I want to introduce a new boys' band =],,

Last month, CAN&J's Entertainment released a new boy band called F.Cuz (pronounced "focus"), but they were not to debut 'til January. Well, it's January now! WOO! Watch out ladies (and a few of you guys), grab some tissues, 'cause there's gonna be some serious NOSEBLEEDING!

The four member's names are Jin On, Lee U, Kan, and Ye Jun. Jin On is the leader and Lee U's name (real name is Lee Seung-Hyun) is the Korean word for "reason," which is connected to the group's name. The "F" stands for "four," as in the four members of the group, and the "cuz" stands for "because," together making "F.Cuz" (focus) “because the four members will become the focus of the music entertainment world." Clever? Ehh.. LOL

The group has already been dubbed the "model idols" by fans because of their not-so-average heights (they're all about 180 cm [about 5'10"]!). It's like how 2PM was dubbed the "beastly idols" by their fans because of their beastly characteristics. Okay, so 5'10" probably doesn't seem like much to you non-Asians, but it's mighty impressive for Asians! Edit: Since some of you like being picky, 180 cm is actually 5'9" and when I say impressive for Asians, I mean the ones in Asia, though some are still shorter than average outside of Asia.

F.Cuz is set to debut their album on January 8th in Korea, but they have already debuted their first music video on the 7th! It's following the auto-tune craze, but it's still pretty catchy!

MV : F.Cuz - Jiggy

I think this song is OK,,
A.N.JELL In "You're beautiful"
Perform their song "Still" in Asian Music Festival.
I really appreciate them. Although they are just a band in a Korean drama.
But totally want to form a band in fact, xd
Eng Sub,,

Girl's Generation & 2PM Drama and
Special Stage IV @ 091231 Gayo Fest
only chinese sub.
Korean singer,,2PM New Song,,
Tired Of Waiting,,
nice =]

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