Peggy has uploaded 4 female hairs (I mean female hairs, so not 5)
So I make this female sims to show these hairs,
these hairs are great, expected more custom content,,XD
(but 100PG, too expensive)

If you think this sims isn't good please don't say anything, just don't leave comment and don't download it.
But I think someone will want to download, so download link here too. (PS, plz leave a comment if you have downloaded it)

Plz download Peggy's long, straight female hair and default replacement skin anf face before use it.

The hair of the female sims of the download link below is this hair ↓
Updated Game Picture

Updated use donation hair game picture

Exchange it from PeggyZone

And the Male Sims

Mirror 1.part 1 | Mirror 2
Mirror 1.part 2
Mirror 1.part 3

Plz don't post and upload these to anywhere!


    On 11 October 2009 at 18:59 Anonymous said...

    May i ask that where can i get that blue female top above? (on the 1st picture)


    It is at All About Style =]

    On 13 October 2009 at 22:00 Anonymous said...

    Thanks! :D


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