New PeggyZone's Hair Conversion

Don't transplant or upload it to anywhere!!!

Original TS2 Mesh by PeggyZone

OKay. Now have more than 5 Comments so I will post the download later.
Because I am uploading the file now,,-v-
And I am sorry for the music player that make someone cannot comment or other something else. Sorry,,

Download (MediaFire) [2.08 MB]


Download (Uploaded) [2.08 MB]


    People cannot comment since the music player refreshes the page.


    i love it i cant wait to download
    great job ;)


    so i guess i'll post 5 times to download it =D


    just two more =D


    5 comments =D
    can i download this amezing hair now?? o//


    It looks nice, i will let you know how it looks in the game when i download it. Great job by the way.


    very nice.. i hope it


    I like this hair... jump I agree with you


    To MS3B: I'm sorry for that. I don't the music player make people cannot leave a comment. Now I have deleted the music player and I will post the download link soon.


    Love your conversions


    Beautifull hairstyle


    Have a good day. CFP


    Where are you from ?


    Hope this allows me now to download ?? !!


    Hi there, the link doesn't work. CFP


    To CFP: Thanks so much for supporting. And I come from HK,,-v-. For the MediaFire link, I don't know why it can't be downloaded right now. So I have uploaded another link. You can download with the other link now.


    Thank you for this beautiful hair.Now i can post it Yey.Sorry for my English I am from Poland .take care ;)))


    This looks really nice in my game. Thank you:)


    Awesome work! Thanx a bunch :)


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