Chinese Costume,,

Chinese Costume again =]

Download (MediaFire) [57.17 KB]

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    On 29 November 2009 at 17:19 Anonymous said...

    thanx! i like the hair ^^ please post it!!!


    Hey! I love all of your stuff, but I was wondering what skin default replacement you're using? and your standered lip gloss...your sims are soo pretty btw. :) ^^ I apprciate all your downloads. :)


    Also, (sorry for being annoying!!) could you point me in the direction of where you got your ducttape and blindfold in you profile pic?? thanks! ^^


    This is beautiful !
    I'd love if you will post the hair as well, please, because it's amazing.


    Found the hair in sims cave, just look about ad you'll catch it. Topic is "Peggy Special Hair (taobao ?)" posted by Mistyk.

    On 4 December 2009 at 22:56 Anonymous said...

    Could you upload the converted blindfold? The one on the model in your picture. x: Please and thank you.


    :)))) sooo cool site !!! xD
    P.S.-maybe is not so good comment


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